Adding a product

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First you have to add a product you want to sell.


The product code and name must be added to the product. The product’s VAT rate also needs to be checked. Ask your Valjas contact if you are not sure about the VAT rate. Click Create product.


You can browse products Products > Product listing > Update view. In the Product listing view, it is also possible to create different product groups.


Example of product groups.

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Adding a customer

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Adding a customer Sales > New customer


In the next view, enter the customer’s business ID and Find data. Netvisor searches for business addresses, as well as possible e-invoicing addresses automatically. You can also add the information manually, for example when you have a private customer.

NB! The VAT number of foreign customers is added to the business ID column.

To send an invoice by email, enter the email invoicing address. The office section may be left blank. Most importantly, your billing address must be completed.

Finally, press Create Customer or Create customer and invoice to go directly to the invoice.

Press Create Customer to go behind the customer information. There you can choose the language of the invoice, for example English, or change the default term of payment.


Creating a sales invoice

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Creating a sales invoice: Sales > New sales invoice.


Select the customer you created and the invoice date. Value date is the point at which Netvisor calculates the due date according to the payment term. The reference number is generated automatically. You may include a customer reference on the invoice. Save.


Now you can enter invoice rows to the invoice. The magnifying glass icon opens the product codes.


Select at least 1 amount and enter the unit price (VAT 0%).


The row specification is entered in the field below the product. Save rows


Preview the invoice you created. Then press Send invoice to go to the sales process view.


In the sales process view you choose a channel on which the invoice is sent. If an e-invoicing address has been entered behind the customer, the invoice will primarily be sent as an e-invoice. Check screenshot below to change the invoice delivery method. Local printing (PDF) prints the invoice on the screen and does not send it to the customer.


Send e-invoice.

Good to know

  • You can add payment terms here: Sales > Bacis data and settings > Terms of payment > New term of payment
  • Standard text to the invoices: Sales > Bacis data and settings > Standard texts
  • Customers can be divided into customer groups. Check Sales > Customers > Customer groups
  • Do the same bills happen monthly? Ask the Valjas team about contractual invoicing.