Financial management for growth companies

Valjas is an agile and growth oriented modern accounting office. We strive to offer industry leading services as a turnkey package so that You can fully focus on growing Your business.

Valjas professional services

Valjas exists to provide SMEs with exceptional financial management and HR services to support their business. They are delivered with industry leading service attitude. SMEs should focus their effort on activities that generate or increase their revenues i.e. serving their customers and business development. Partners with specific know-how are best equipped to take care of support functions. Valjas’ financial manager and controller services offer a flexible way of acquiring high level expertise without the costs and obligations of an employment contract. Similarly, Valjas’ finance department is a sound and cost effective alternative to running a small in-house finance team.

Valjas is a professional services company specializing in financial management. Typical accounting offices take care of statutory accounting, payrolls, agreed reports and offers some tax consulting in addition. Valjas’ team has the expertise to take care of demanding service packages and support management’s decision making. We employ highly trained professionals with business experience or the necessary tools to understand different business models.

The processes of many accounting offices are from the last century despite the proliferation of modern digital solutions – papers are still printed out and mailed and what ever is in digital format is sent as an e-mail attachment. Valjas is committed to using the latest software and working methods in order to carry out our services efficiently, with a high quality standard and on time.

Most professional services companies and accounting offices use activity our hour based billing because it’s riskless for them and they don’t need to put effort into defining the services or improving their processes. Unfortunately, in this model getting work done is not the top priority and lead times can be long due to more lucrative projects that are under work at the same time.

At Valjas, work is done with a contract based mentality. We give a fixed monthly price for the agreed service package. Additional assignments falling outside the scope of the package are treated as such and we can often provide a price estimate or agree on a fixed price also for them. Hence, Valjas has always the incentive to organize the services efficiently.

One accountant and something else? Expand with our professional services!

With us you will always have your very own accountant. You can also extend your services with our expert services for more comprehensive financial management support.

Virtual finance manager

A virtual finance manager is an online financial advisor who monitors and analyzes your company’s finances. Through the service, you will know how your business can do and get a better understanding of it. A Virtual Financial Manager is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have their own finance department.


Our CFO takes responsibility for running and developing Your finance function and participates actively in the management team in a specialist role.


A flexible way to gain access to a skilled financial professional to analyse business data to support management decision making or act e.g. as head accountant.


We assist You in improving financial management and HR processes and implementing cloud based digital accounting and payroll systems.

We <3 Bezala & Netvisor

As a customer, you get access to powerful tools Visma Netvisor and Bezala to manage your business finances. With Netvisor you send sales invoices and pay purchase invoices, you can easily record receipts with the Bezala mobile app.