Lean financial management

Valjas is an agile and growth-oriented modern accounting office. We strive to offer industry-leading services as a turnkey package, especially for the tech and service industries.

We focus on financial data and understanding it.

Valjas is for:
  • Companies operating in expert services and service industry: Technology, consults, marketing offices, software etc.
  • Startups and growing companies, and to established businesses looking for extra efficiency
  • People who value personal service and digital knowhow
  • Those who look forward
  • Companies entering the Finnish market
We are good at:
  • Recognising client needs
  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Utilising modern tools and software in financial management
  • Reporting and forecasting
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Our customer: 10monkeys.com

”Now our financial management is up to date and mostly automated. Considering all the costs related, we are spending less on financial management than before.

In addition, services provided by Valjas have always been available at a short notice.”

Katri, CEO of a learning game company

Get an accountant who remembers your name

With Valjas you’ll instantly get your own accountant. Our expert takes care of your bookkeeping and all other things which are our responsibility. Timely and precisely.

Valas staff is highly professional and they are nice all around: Addition to the financial stuff they like to talk about things such as major football tournaments and yoga.

Common goals

We’ve executed several acquisitions and been part of multiple growth stories.

Valjas makes it possible to grow or scale your business, make an exit, or bring in efficiency. Whatever is your goal!

Support and safety

You’ll get personal, expert service. Feel free to ask!

No company is the same. That’s why we are not like other ”accounting offices”. We’ll listen to you and build our solution to match your needs.

Modern software

We master the leading financial management software products on the Finnish market, Netvisor and Procountor, including bits and pieces integrating to those.

We’ll help you, your team and your company to get the most out of the tools you use.

Predictable pricing

At Valjas, work is done with a contract based mentality. We give a fixed monthly price for the agreed service package. Starting at 130 € / month.

Additional assignments falling outside the scope of the package are treated as such. We can often provide a price estimate or agree on a fixed price also for them. Hence, Valjas always has the incentive to organize services efficiently.

Sales and questions

[email protected]

+358 46 923 0449, Pasi Tasanen, CEO

Direct calendar-booking:
Reserve a time with Pasi, Valjas CEO, to discuss your needs.

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